LEVEZA Day Spa-Lisbon

The LEVEZA Day Spa is located in Lisbon. It occupies a building of the beginning of the 90’s which was used as a Restarant, Bar and Disco. It has 3 floors above the street level and 2 bellow it. It is composed of two volumes, one cilindrical and another with an undefined shape where the entrance is located.

The ground floor will house the Hairdressing. The entrance is made to a hall that includes a waiting area. The Leveza Logo and the stairs to the upper floor are the main elements of this space, which has a good visual relation with the hairdressing on the cilindric volume of the building.

The round shape of the Hairdressing and it’s glazed walls were a difficulty to distribute the different spaces. This suposed difficulty ended out to be the basis of the interior design. The Manicure positions are the main element of the space. It’s round shape and the height of the back gathered with the lowered suspended ceiling and it’s central lamp give a sense of a space inside a space to it’s user while maintaining a good relation with the surrounding spaces.

The big mirrors in front of the haircut seats follow a radial distribution near the glazed façade. Their big dimension and the fact that it doesn’t touch the floor and the ceiling and it’s reflexions of the surroungind spaces give it a sense of lightness (Leveza in Portuguese).

The store follows the radial design of the hairdressing and it uses the colors of the Leveza Logo.

The interior materials, grey microciment, white and black give a contemporary look to the interior, working as a neutral base to the color elements of the interior and it’s furniture.

The Day Spa on the first floor will have seven treatment rooms, five of them in the cilindric volume. The waiting room will work as a relaxation space between treatments.

The interior ambiance of the spaces was designed to give the user a confort sensation given by the use of wood on the floor and furniture, and a Wallpaper with a linen finish.  

Client: Esteves & Ferreira, Lda     Project’s year: 2014     Phase: Work will start soon