Panorama Hotel-Luanda

The Panorama Hotel was once one of the most important hotels in Luanda. The lack of maintenance and war years in Angola leads the hotel to decline. In 2007, electricity, potable and hot water were scarce resources and that made the hotel even more decadent.

The requirement for this project was the renewal of the old hotel, and the expansion of its capacity from 134 to 221 rooms. To accomplish this we proposed the construction of a new wing using the car parking area. We decided to maintain this new wing with the same height as the existing hotel. We also added a new floor on the top of the hotel, which will be used as a luxury restaurant.

The intervention in the existing building aimed to maintain the original characteristic features of it.

Client: BUG SGPS Project Year: 2007 Phase: Preliminary Studies

Tags: Luanda, hotel, hotel panorama