The Casino is located near Viana, 20km away from Luanda, beside the Luanda-Viana high-way. 

The scale and form of the building was made on the scale of the highway taking advantage of the distance between the high-way and the building. The building assumes itself as a grey concrete volume with a rhythm of columns on the main façade. The small lake in front of the building over the garage reflects the façade and reinforces it’s presence. The water of the lake marks the entrance and continues to the pavement of the interior.

The triple height ceiling on the Hall creates an image of grandiosity to the interior. This space will receive the Piano Bar and will be the center of the building connecting all the floors and spaces. The crossing of the void by the escalators and the people moving in, and the backlit Wall panels will give movement and space to the Casino.

Client: BUG SGPS Project Year: 2011 Phase: Preliminary studies