Restaurant Prego da Peixaria-Lisbon

The Restaurant Prego da Peixaria is located in Lisbon near the Principe Real Garden and it opened on November 2013.

The interior is distributed in several comunicating spaces with different forms and configurations that create different ambiances in each room. The ceiling over the kitchen is a vaulted ceiling. It is separated from the public areas by na old style window through which we can follow the preparation of our food. The choice of materials, the lighting equipment and the furniture confere na old and rough look to the Restaurant giving it a cousy feeling.

The graffiti on the room with the 7 meters high ceiling has a graffiti from local artista Gonçalo Mar inspired on the history of Lisbon and it’s symbol, the Crow.

Client: GPR Project Year: 2013 Phase: Constructed

Restaurante Mar ao Carmo

O Restaurante Mar ao Carmo pertence ao Grupo Sacramento, fazendo parte de um conjunto de três Restaurantes junto ao Largo do Carmo: os Restaurantes Sacramento e Carmo.

O projecto procurou dar ao Espaço um ambiente acolhedor e quente. Esse ambiente quente foi obtido pelo picar das abóbadas existentes na sala principal, pondo a descoberto o tijolo burro no tecto. O tecto que desde que foi picado marcou logo o espaço, foi complementado com um ripado de madeira numa das paredes. Esta faz a interligação entre as salas e esconde uma sanca de luz. Na sala principal, na parede oposta foi proposto um banco corrido em capitonê e pele escura, que contrapõe a parede de madeira. O Bar ao fundo foi revestido a chapa antracite com efeito forja. O logótipo surge recortado na chapa, com retro-iluminação. Junto ao tecto foi proposto um revestimento com espelho que prolonga as duas abóbadas e solta o balcão do Bar.

A iluminação suspensa da Tom Dixon preenche o espaço, tendo sido propostos três candeeiros dourados na sala da entrada, que com o seu rendilhado produzem sombras nas paredes envolventes, e 7 candeeiros suspensos na sala principal.

Cliente:Ramos Salema     Ano de Projecto: 2016     Fase: Construído

Porto Gran-Plaza Shopping-Porto

The building is located on the Center of Oporto. It is located on the terrain of na Old Silk Factory.

The project is inspired on the image of the 50’s and 60’s where the will to create and make a stand came with the beginning of the industrialized world in Portugal with it’s industries and machineries.

This inspiration results in the patterns of the pavements, ceilings and walls and in the design of the furniture revisiting the memories of the Old silk Factory.

Client: Martifer     Project Year: 2006     Conclusion: 2007     Interior Area:  4000m2     Engineering: Iperforma (coordination); Cristiana Pascácio (furniture and logos); Drª Maria da Luz (Museum of Science and Industry)

Sea Me Peixaria Moderna Restaurant-Lisbon

SEA ME Peixaria Moderna restaurant in Lisbon opened on November 2010. Located in the heart of Lisbon, on Rua do Loreto No.21, near Largo de Camões.

Sea Me has a cuisine based on Portuguese fish e seafood dishes, complemented by Japanese cuisine in a flavors fusion, focused on product quality and cozy ambient.

The project’s inspiration is the traditional fishmongers, characterized by its industrial design, with stainless steel fish counters and lias stone countertops.

Client: Laboratório dos Sabores, Lda.     Project year: 2010     Fase: Constructed

Glow Store-Oporto


Client: Proteína Design / Grupo Brodheim Project Year: 2007 Phase: Preliminary studies

Portobello Clinic-Samora Correia

The Portobello Clinic is intended to be a Health center to serve the local population. The architectural image is given by the use of color panels with the clinic logo, the black pavement, track lighting on the ceiling, the balcony and the back of the reception area with its backlit boxes with images.

In the offices there is a colored wall with indirect light on top. This will allow distinguishing the different rooms; the pediatric room is complemented with children drawings on the walls.

We also used high-gloss white lacquer furniture, stainless steel countertops and frosted glass doors.

Client: Gloarte     Project Year: 2008     Phase: Preliminary Studies

Apolo 70 Shopping-Lisboa

Located near Campo Pequeno in Lisbon Apolo 70 was the first shopping center in Portugal, opened in 1970. Apollo 70 has been declining over the years due to the lack of maintenance. Apolo 70 had a very discreet and outdated image. We chose to create a stronger and younger image, using bright colors and round shapes. The inspiration was the 70’s; the entire floor was redesigned with this theme. The removal of one of the stairs level led to the creation of a food court in the central area.

Client: Copeve S.A. Project Year: 2009 Phase: Constructed

Imperator Restaurant-Oeiras

The restaurant is located in Tagus Park – Oeiras (Technology and business incubation center).

The program required by the client reflected a self-service restaurant with capacity between 70 to 80 people. The client also wanted a “show-cooking” kitchen.

The interior design took advantage of the large windows with view to the garden outside, making this a space full of natural light inside.

For the restaurant’s inner space were provided all the technical areas needed, such as storage room, toilet, cloakrooms and office. Next to the dining room will be the kitchen and pantry

Inside we used three colors, gray, white and red. The walls where decorated with the recipes of the dishes served at the restaurant.

Client: Receita Ínfalivel, Lda Project year: 2008 Phase: Constructed